"Our son, Charlie, started at Sunny Garden when he was just 12 Weeks old.  It can be hard thinking about strangers watching a baby so young.  But we realized very quickly that Caitlin and Christine were never strangers, they were members of our family we never knew we had.

Charlie spent his early days either being held and snuggled or napping in the pram under one of the many trees in the back yard.  As he got older, he learned to crawl and then walk and then run alongside his friends.  Now Charlie comes home every day covered in equal amounts of smiles and dirt.  He spends all day outdoors learning, exploring and eating veggies straight from the garden.   

Sunny Garden is so much more than a daycare.  It is a home that opens its doors to children and provides a loving, nurturing space for them to grow, learn and become wonderful little people."

-Kim and Brendon
Proud Sunny Garden Parents

"As a working parent, you feel a tremendous amount of pressure to find the right environment for your child to spend his days. The care that our son received from Caitlin and Christine exceeded our every expectation. He was more than looked after, he was loved. They cultivated in him curiosity, compassion, patience, and a love of gardening and the outdoors. We are forever grateful to Sunny Garden for providing him with a home, a family, and a community that supported and guided him. I have no doubt that his time there left an indelible mark, and helped shaped him into the person we hope he will one day become.”

- Caroline B., mom to Author, 18 mos- 3 years.

"My son spent his first two years at Sunny Garden, starting when he was just 11 weeks old.  In having to return to work, we toured many childcare facilities, even considered hiring a nanny, all while searching for the 'right' fit.  We are so happy we found Sunny Garden and I tell people I feel like I am dropping my son off with my family for the day.  As a matter of fact, at morning drop off, my son usually runs out of my arms barely waving good-bye to me.  Christine and Caitlin have the patience of saints and the experience with children which allows them to be very in tune with each child's personality and needs. Sunny Garden is a happy and fun environment and we love that the children play and explore the outdoors as much as possible and eat nutritious food.  Now having moved out of state, we will miss Sunny Garden and will always remember our son's time there as a special time in our lives."

- Elexa

"We brought our daughter Ilsa to Sunny Garden as her first daycare experience. Both Christine and Caitlin as well as the environment itself were warm, welcoming and quickly gave her a sense of belonging and comfort. More than just a safe place to spend the day, Ilsa came home each day with pride of accomplishment, stories about her friends, new ideas and an ever growing sense of confidence. Her experience at Sunny Garden was no doubt largely responsible for her early acceptance to pre-K and her ease of transition, though she still talks about her friends at Sunny Garden all the time. We look forward to starting our youngest there soon."

- Dan B.

"Our daughter Edith has been at Sunny Garden for over a year. When it was time for me to go back to work I really struggled with the fact that someone else would be looking after her every day. As soon as I arrived at Sunnygarden and met Caitlin and Christine I felt very relieved and comforted. Every child at Sunnygarden is treated as an individual, but also an integral part of the community and their specific needs are always considered. Having the chance to play and to be outdoors often was very important to us as well and at Sunnygraden she gets both of these things daily. Caitlin and Christine are a part of our family now and we are so very blessed to have them in our loves. Edith is loved and supported and cared for in the most generous and honest way possible. We are beyond grateful for having found Sunnygarden."

- Brian

"We have been fortunate enough to have our son at Sunnygarden for three years, beginning when he was only 15 months old. As first time parents with a baby who had only been cared for by family in our own home, we were nervous to send him to daycare and scoured the North Shore looking for the perfect place for him to grow and learn. Our top priority was finding an environment that was safe and made our son feel safe. We wanted a care provider that would share our focus on raising a healthy, kind, confident, and compassionate child, and who also prioritized play and time spent outdoors.

We chose Sunnygarden based on several glowing recommendations from trusted friends and now I am so happy to write my own glowing recommendation. After three years at Sunnygarden, I simply have nothing negative to say -- we love the care he receives from Caitlin and Christine, the nutritious food they provide him every day and, of course, the happy, safe, loving, fun-filled and special environment that is Sunnygarden. The kids are outside every day and my son comes home happy and exhausted from long days of fresh air and playing with friends. Caitlin and Christine treat each child as their own and I know that my little one is in good hands when I drop him off.

My son has grown at Sunnygarden -- from a toddling babe still taking a bottle and needing constant care to a happy, confident preschooler who has been given a great start in life thanks, in large part, to Caitlin and Christine's loving care. It is without any hesitation that I offer an enthusiastic recommendation for Christine, Caitlin and the wonderful, loving, special place that is Sunnygarden."

-LKH, lawyer and mom to O, age four

"Sunny Garden Childcare has provided a warm and loving environment for my daughter. She started there when she was 18 months old and continued until she was 4 years old. She still wants to return to Ms. Christine and Caitlin, and occasionally does on vacation days. I looked into many places for my daughter and knew immediately that this was the place for her. It is such a homey environment and I was confident the she would receive the best of care. It is a small family-run daycare that I would recommend to any parent and it is really beneficial that Ms. Christine is a former teacher at the Waldorf School. Ms. Christine has a huge garden in the back that my daughter loves. The children are allowed to pick the vegetables to be served with lunch; the meals provided are very nutritious. She learned to do so many crafts and always was bringing home something new. My daughter was very happy here and loves Ms. Christine and Caitlin as family. My daughter also suffers from an immune disorder and gets sick very easily. She was rarely sick at Sunny Garden and I am sure this is from the cleanliness that is provided.  According to the Waldorf educational website, "The young child mimics everything in the environment uncritically-not only the sounds of speech, the gestures of people, but also the attitudes and values of parents and peers." If this is true, the best example I would want for my daughter would be for her to be in the most loving and comfortable environment, which is definitely provided here. There are many good memories that my daughter will cherish due to her experience at Sunny Garden Childcare. We would highly recommend Sunny Garden to anyone looking for a quality and loving place for their child."

-Deborah Suleyman

"Sunnygarden is everything you could ever want from a home-based childcare provider. Our daughter joined Sunnygarden when she was just nine months old.  Before we found Sunnygarden, we were feeling helpless in our search for suitable childcare. We did not get the sense from some of the commercialized daycare centers we visited that they would have given my daughter the attention we knew she needed and deserved, and visits to other home-based childcare providers left us feeling like our daughter and the other children were not the focus of the day, but rather just there as a means of income while the provider watched television or had regular visits from friends.

It was immediately evident that Miss Christine and Miss Caitlin are very passionate in their work with the children, and consistently have an impeccable level of patience with all of the children.  They are both extremely nurturing and have taught our daughter so much.  They also had the patience and perseverance to get our daughter on a nap schedule without being forceful. In fact, we had to ask them for tips for how we could replicate their nap magic at home.

Sunnygarden has converted much of their home into a safe, fun environment for the kids to play, learn and rest.  Our daughter enjoys exploring all of the different outdoor play areas from the large sandbox, the large lawn for running, walks through the garden to see (and eat!) the growing vegetables, the outdoor playhouse, the forest-like play area, and lots of cars, wagons and balls to play with. Inside there are lots of play areas and toys that allow the children to really use their imagination and learn through play.
Most mornings we are often envious of the breakfast that our daughter will get to enjoy such as pancakes and waffles! It is such a convenience for all meals, snacks and beverages to be provided, but they are also healthy and delicious too.

Our daughter looks forward to playing with her friends at Sunnygarden each day, and we are so happy we found you to have the peace of mind needed to focus on work."
--Brenda and Bryan Daigle

"I had both of my children at Sunnygarden for almost two years. It is such a special place and I know they have friends and memories that will last forever.  I could not have imagined a more warm and nurturing environment for my boys’ early years. I would recommend Sunnygarden wholeheartedly."
--Nicole Rizzo-Smith

"Our son started at Sunnygarden when he was 6 months old and we have been very happy with our choice. We chose Sunnygarden because it felt peaceful and looked like a place we’d want to spend our days—in fact, most days we are jealous that Ben gets to stay and play in the sandbox and enjoy delicious and healthy snacks while we are off to work.

In the months since our son has been there, we are more clearly able to articulate what it is we love about it—he is learning so much. He sees Caitlin and Christine model kindness and respect. He sees the other children learn sharing and turn-taking. He gets to play in the sandbox and yard for stretches at a time, takes naps, and plays in all the ways a 10 month old should.  He also enjoys watching and learning from the older kids, as they engage in creative play around him.  He “tells us all about it” on the ride home, babbling happily, and he sleeps well every night from all his stimulation there.  We are so grateful for the care and patience that Sunnygarden provides for him, and the peace of mind that it provides for us."
--Seana and Erin Miller

"For my wife and for me, Maggie's well-being is paramount and we take it very seriously. In seeking child care we weren't just looking for a safe place to leave our little girl, we wanted what would be best for her even if it meant working part-time for a few years so she wouldn't need outside care. When we found Sunny Garden our anxiety about being separated eased. A year later, the anxiety we feel relates only to what will happen when she's too old to stay with Christine and Caitlin. It's hard to imagine that Maggie will ever have her days filled with so much love and attention."

--Chad Carlberg, Father of Sunny Garden Whipper Snapper

"As a child psychologist who has conducted research and therapy with children for over 15 years, I had high standards for childcare for my newborn daughter.  I looked extensively on the North Shore – visiting corporate childcare facilities, private schools, centers in religious settings, and interviewing nannies.  Knowing the essential value of continuous, safe, and loving relationships for children’s optimal emotional and intellectual development, I chose Sunny Garden.  My daughter has thrived there beyond expectations.  She spends her days outside in the garden, watching puppet shows and engaging in imaginary play in their bright sunroom. Informed by a life-long connection to Waldorf schools, the mother-daughter team who run center have an unique ability to understand and care for the needs of children.  At night at home, when my daughter recites the names of her closest family members and friends, she always includes each of them: 'Goodnight Caitlin. Goodnight Christine' as well as the names of playmates there."
--Kristina Harter, Ph.D.  Child Psychologist

"I usually make decisions based on intuition, and that is especially true when it comes to my son.  My son's first day care was OK, but there were a lot of kids and it was more than we could afford when I had to go back full-time instead of part-time. I looked at a lot of other day cares, but none of them felt right. Then, at the recommendation of a friend, I checked out Sunnygarden. I was only with Caitlin and Christine for 5 minutes before I knew it was the right place. Unlike other places I saw, Sunnygarden felt very under control but also relaxed and fun for the children.
Christine and Caitlin make things easier on me, by providing healthy food and keeping a cubby for my son so I don't have to carry everything back and forth every day. Christine even fixed his sun hat so it would actually stay on his head!

It's a major stress in a parent's life finding the right place to leave your child when you have to be away. But I know at Sunnygarden my child is spending lots of time playing outside and that he is getting the love and affection he needs."
--Sara Allen, Mother of Little Guy at Sunnygarden

"Sunnygarden is the primary reason that I am able to succeed as a working parent. Christine and Caitlin have created a warm, safe and loving environment unlike any other that I've seen, and knowing that my daughter is spending her formative years in this joyful place enables me to focus on my work without hesitation or distraction. I don't need a daily report card to see that she is eating healthy meals, taking her naps and making friends. These are people who go beyond the basics of childcare, celebrating and nurturing what's special about each individual child, and over the past year they have become my daughter's extended family. When we arrive there in the morning, Liora is greeted by her friends and steps confidently out of my arms and into Christine's. When I pick her up in the afternoon, she is calm, contented and excited to show me around her little world. I feel incredibly fortunate that Sunnygarden is a part of Liora's childhood, because I know that she's not only in capable hands, but in loving ones."
--Arielle Gronner, Proud Sunnygarden Parent